Galt Playnest Car

Galt Playnest CarIt’s never too early to get your first set of wheels, and fresh off the Galt production line is this Playnest Car for tots aged nine months to four years.

Admittedly, the wheels in question are soft and squidgy, and the car isn’t designed to actually move, but it is packed with driving-themed fun for babies and pre-schoolers.

There’s a steering wheel, a wing mirror, a horn, a radio with tune, lift-up crinkle doors, a boot pocket and key and engine sound effects. The fabric dashboard is detachable to make it easier to clean

All that’s needed is a bit of puff from a grown-up for the car to inflate to full size and provide a ride every bit as comfortable as a Rolls Royce.

Emblazoned with a big number one (yes, this is, in fact, a racing car) the Playnest Car is priced around £49.99.