Battle is on the cards

Army of ZeroPoint Zero Games was one of the new names at last week’s Toy Fair, with the company showcasing its new Army of Zero game.

Blending Top Trumps-style cards with dice, the game revolves around 84 characters, each with individual ratings in the categories of speed, combat, weapon and armour.

Army of Zero cardsTwo players are each dealt an army of 10 cards and pit their warriors against each other, rolling the dice and adjusting the numbers with the attributes on the cards to see who survives each round. The winner is the one that wipes out their opponent’s army first.

There’s more to the game that this, however. The 84 cards conceal a puzzle. Solve it and you could win the £1,000 top prize!

Army of Zero badgesArmy of Zero is priced around £10, for players aged 7–12, and you can also get a set of eight eye-catching badges, featuring artwork from the game, for around £5.

We’ll have a full review of Army of Zero soon…