The Numberjacks are on their way!

NumberjacksAs any devotee of the popular kids’ show will know, the Numberjacks are helpful superheroes who live inside a sofa in an ordinary living room. From their hidden HQ they detect threats from a variety of mischievous and downright naughty characters like the Shape Japer, the Numbertaker and the Problem Blob. Thankfully, with a little bit of numerical know-how, the Numberjacks always manage to put things right.

Now these superheroes can live on the sofa in your own living room, thanks to the range of toys from Gosh International. First we have the large soft toys (main picture), priced around £9.99 each and standing around 10in. high. These are joined by the smaller but equally colourful Beanies, at around £4.99 each.

The Keychains (around £2.99 each) make it easy to keep these cuddly characters on hand at all times – and that’s not a bad idea when the Spooky Spoon might be lurking round the next corner…

If activities are your thing, the Numberjacks Skittles set (around £12.99), should keep you busy for a while, with six soft skittles each standing around 17cm tall. Send them flying with the two soft bowling balls provided!

Finally, the Soft Balls (around £2.99) are just the thing to practice catching and throwing, while keeping a careful eye out for the Puzzler, of course.

The skittles and soft balls are suitable for children from three and up.